Lab for SLA and Task-Based Research 

The Lab for Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Task-based Research is part of the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University. We conduct interdisciplinary and mixed-methods research on how second languages are learned and taught with a particular focus on cognitive-interactionist and task-based approaches. We explore second language acquisition (SLA) research topics such as: interaction and corrective feedback, individual differences in language acquisition, task-based language teaching (TBLT) and second language research methods. Tools we use in our lab, in partnership with the Georgetown LingLab, include: a Tobii Pro Fusion 250Hz portable eye-tracker, a SonoSpeech Micro portable ultrasound, and a sound attenuated booth. Read about our current projects below or on our publications and presentations page. Check out Interesting in getting involved as a research assistant or participant? See our contact us page for details on how to get in touch.

Current and ongoing projects

Georgetown STARTALK: Task-based Training for Critical Language Teachers

We will soon be recruiting teachers to participate in our 2023 STARTALK summer camp. See for more information on this grant funded project.

Teachers selecting, sequencing and adapting second language tasks: Insights from introspective methods

Eye-tracking data collection upcoming. We are recruiting language teacher participants and lab staff for this project. Visit our contact page to see how you can be involved.